Building Update – The LOVE Crane is Down!

Drone footage of pride centre roof with flagpole flying the rainbow pride flag

After 6 weeks in hard lockdown and construction much slower than usual, progress continues. Witnessing the LOVE crane being dissembled was another milestone for us here at the Pride Centre. This means all large, external works are now complete and the main focus is now to fit out the centre internally.

The famous flagpole has now been erected. It was generously funded by a group of friends remembering their loved ones. Hansen Yuncken flew a rainbow flag for the very first time to mark the occasion. In other progress the internal eggshell inspired by the indigenous emu egg is now complete with the skylight in place. The rooftop planter boxes are being constructed, the east facade cladding and window frames are complete and the window glazing at the back of the building has commenced.

Mezzanine steel installation has begun which includes the large, impressive spiral staircase from the ground floor up. It’s really coming together and we can’t wait to show you!