New Cornerstone Supporters in the running for DIY tools giveaways from Bosch.

Ruth wears a red boiler suit whilst holding power tools in each hand, standing in the garden

As the Pride Centre nears opening we are beginning to equip the Centre with all the many and varied items needed to operate smoothly and efficiently. The Pride Centre was fortunate to have Victoria Tampe, Power Tools Brand Manager of Bosch Power Tools Australia, reach out to see how Bosch could support the Pride Centre.

For Victoria, “Being part of the community myself and seeing the development progression of the Pride Centre during my daily walk around St Kilda, I felt that it was an important milestone for us to contribute. Diversity is one of the Bosch key values and we want to do more than just having it written on a piece of paper. Diversity is like the spice of life which we continuously celebrate. Supporting the new Pride Centre is our way to live by our values and support the community.”  

Bosch have kindly donated landscaping equipment to keep the Centre’s three terraces and Ground Floor courtyard looking good – a cordless garden saw, leaf blower and high pressure hose.

Bosch have also donated items for giveaway in December and January to new and renewing Cornerstone Supporters. These outdoor and indoor tools will be in demand by DIY Queers as we go into summer when all those house and garden chores are staring back at us, asking why we didn’t attend to them during lockdown. Maybe you just didn’t have the right handy tools?

Cornerstone Supporters make a yearly $100 donation to the Pride Centre, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to the future wellbeing of the LGBTQI community and the sustainability of the Pride Centre. As well as being invited to Pride Centre events Cornerstone Supporters receive a Pride Centre tote bag and key ring when they subscribe.

For December you can go in the running for four giveaways:

A Glass Vac, aka a windscreen wiper, for the pernickety (I mean clean) queens, RRP $79.99.

Something adorably called Quigo Green. This is for when you need some solid and indisputable self-levelling in your life. It’s a niche laser you didn’t know you needed until you try it. It is, “perfect for hanging pictures, tiling, setting curtain rails, and installing kitchen and bath furniture”. So, go girl get yourself one of these. RRP $129.

A Dremel 8220 which is a cordless High-Performance Rotary Tool. For cutting, grinding (no, not that sort), polishing/cleaning, sanding and more. RRP $195.

And, for the just-get-in-there-and-do-it gardener (possibly with a penchant for the S in SM?), the Keo, a powerful cordless cutter for small branches, RRP $155.

Become a Cornerstone Supporter , or renew your lapsed Cornerstone Supporter membership, in the month of December and be one of five people to win one of these items each. The winners will be announced 13 January 2021.

Be crafty and support the Pride Centre!

Terms and Conditions of the Giveaway: 

  1. The Victorian Pride Centre is the Organiser of the giveaway of products supplied generously by Bosch Power Tools Australia. 
  2. New Cornerstone Supporters (link:, and those who renew lapsed Cornerstone Supporter memberships, are eligible.   
  3. Representatives, employees, business partners and their affiliates, servants/or agents of advertising and/or suppliers of the Organiser are not eligible. 
  4. The giveaways are conducted in two stages: during the months of December 2020 and during January 2021. 
  5. Winners will be chosen by lottery with the first winner receiving their choice of giveaway product on offer that month and so on. 
  6. Winners will be announced on the Victorian Pride Centre’s social media channels, either Instagram or Facebook. 
  7. The giveaway will be posted to the winners by the Victorian Pride Centre, at no cost to the winner. 

Photo: Community member Ruth Bauer enjoying the tools. Credit: Bree McKilligan