Pride in Employment – a new initiative at the Pride Centre, supported by Jobs Victoria

Pride in Employment is a brand new initiative coming to the Pride Centre that seeks to build the capacity of employment services and service providers to create and support pathways to employment for LGBTIQ+ jobseekers. Through targeted facilitation, employment services and LGBTIQ+ people can connect in a cultural safe environment, share experiences, and build capacity.  

The project has four core elements: 

  • Provide a presence at the Victorian Pride Centre for employment services to be accessed by LGBTIQ+ community members. 
  • Deliver a one-day seminar to Jobs Victoria service provider representatives. 
  • Support Employment services to conduct a Jobs Victoria Expo to LGBTIQ+ communities.
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of providing access in a culturally safe environment. 

“As a purpose-built hub for LGBTIQ+ communities, the Pride Centre is in a unique position to facilitate connection and collaboration between people and services. Through this project, we will be able to offer both in-person and online opportunities to hear from and engage with a range of organisations and advocates that operate within the LGBTIQ+ employment space.” – Justine Dalla Riva, CEO Victorian Pride Centre

Project overview

The Pride in Employment project aims to: 

  • Facilitate access to and support the development of culturally safe LGBTIQ+ trained Job Advocates/Employment Services  
  • Provide a safe and welcoming environment for community members to access Job employment services  
  • Build relationships and referral pathways between Job Advocate/Employment services and LGBTIQ+ services within the Pride Centre  
  • Support DJSIR Jobs Services to be inclusive and responsive to the needs of LGBTIQ+ job seekers 
  • Look at barriers and discrimination in the workplace and when using employment services to inform further programs  
  • Improve the understanding of Jobs Victoria funded services in the provision of adequate supports for LGBTIQ+ communities. 
  • Support LGBTIQ+ inclusive employment practices, including resources and supports for employers. 

Pride Centre Activation & Access  

  • Working with a Jobs Victoria-funded Job Advocate/employment services to have a presence at the Pride Centre to connect with and support members of the LGBTIQ+ community.  
  • Connect with LGBTIQ+ communities in a safe, inclusive, and welcoming space on a regular basis.
  • Promote Job Victoria services that are available to LGBTIQ+ communities through listing on the Pride Centre’s website (subject to those providers being LGBTIQ+ inclusive and culturally safe). 

Employment Services Forum 

Support Jobs Victoria to build their capacity in better understanding the needs of LGBTIQ+ communities by delivering a one full-day seminar at the Pride Centre for 100 Jobs Victoria service provider representatives covering:  

  • Key barriers and challenges faced by members of the LGBTIQ+ community to work  
  • Lived experience examples of how these barriers work in real life 
  • Inclusive practise principles – what are they, why are they important in the workplace and in the provision of mainstream services.  
  • LGBTIQ+ owned and operated services that can support job seekers – who are they, what do they do. 
  • Q&A 

Employment Services Expo  

Delivery of a Jobs Victoria Expo to LGBTIQ+ communities:  

  • Half day expo in the Pride Centre’s Theatrette, bringing together all aspects of Jobs Victoria services.  
  • Live streamed/interactive component to support connection with socially isolated and regional community members (delivered in collaboration with JOY Media) 
  • Connection to LGBTIQ+ communities

Commencing in September 2023, with times and dates to be published via the Pride Centre’s website and social media channels.