Splunk Renews Partnership with Victorian Pride Centre

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The Victorian Pride Centre (VPC) is thrilled to announce the renewal of its partnership with Splunk Inc., the data platform leader for security and observability, for a second year.

Splunk turns data into doing, helping organisations to unlock innovation, enhance security and drive resilience. Splunk’s mission is to remove the barriers between data and action, enabling everyone to thrive in the Data Age and supporting organisations and initiatives that rely on data for social impact.

Splunk’s partnership with the VPC offers LGBTIQ+ communities the opportunity to benefit from Splunk’s Global Impact work, specifically social impact, which is committed to ensuring equitable access to data and to solving global challenges through strategic giving, impact investing, product donation, workforce development and technical talent. Despite COVID restrictions in 2021, Splunk and VPC were able to collaborate through the facilitation of online events.

Splunk held a workshop for resident LGBTIQ+ organisations at the Victorian Pride Centre on October 5, 2021. At this session, Splunk highlighted success stories of Not-for-Profit organisations using data to drive initiatives, protect and secure their data, enhance donor experiences and oversee general operations.

On November 25, 2021, Splunk, along with VPC and its Foundational Partner, IBM, presented ‘My Queer Career in STEM’ – a professional development event held online in collaboration with local group Queers in Science, which featured speakers such as Velushomaz, Cloud Support Engineer from Splunk. This was an invaluable opportunity for Splunk and VPC to connect with students and graduates in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) courses and other early career practitioners from LGBTIQ+ communities.

The Victorian Pride Centre thanks Splunk for its financial contributions to the ongoing establishment of the Centre, and looks forward to continuing a strong partnership, including the development of more events that support LGBTIQ+ communities. 

Justine Dalla Riva, CEO Victorian Pride Centre:

“Our partnership with Splunk enables us to connect with new LGBTIQ+ people both in Australia and internationally. Data is a powerful tool to highlight the needs and existence of diverse communities so they can be better serviced and represented.”    

Mark Troselj, Splunk Group Vice President of ANZ:

“We see our partnership with the Victorian Pride Centre as a great opportunity to address the key pillars in Splunk’s strategy for diversity, equity, and inclusion. The VPC is an icon for LGBTIQ+ communities in Australia. Despite all the challenges faced in 2021, we have seen the positive impact when working together and leveraging our expertise to support the community.”