Building Update – Stage 4 Slowdown

Stage 4 Lockdown came as a necessary measure to keep our community safe, but like most other industries that were still operational it had significant impacts on the overall day to day construction and fit out of the centre. Construction was permitted to continue with only 25% of the usual bodies on site and working at any given time. This has produced challenges for us and Hansen Yuncken building contractors but we continue on, respecting these new regulations.

It’s an unusual time we’re in with extenuating circumstances that effect absolutely everyone. Thankfully our resident organisations understand the limitations presented to us at this time and the implications stage 4 may have on our opening date at the end of this year. We’ll continue to work with them and our contractors in order to complete the building as close to the perceived time frame as possible but there will certainly be some understandable delays.

Since the last building update plenty of progress has occurred, our contractors have: Installed wall framing and sheeting, mechanical & solar platform installation on level 5, internal egg shell pieces are all installed and positioned, the second vault has been installed, continued work on the wet lining of the east facade, installed the lift shaft scaffolding and lift one, electrical rough in works, skylight trims fitted, the flagpole painted and front portico formwork has been stripped so passers by can see the entrance from Fitzroy St!

As the building nears completion our next big task will be to fill it with all the items the centre will need to function. Items such as furniture, appliances and decor. We’d love community support in purchasing House Warming gifts for the centre. Check out our Pride Registry and purchase a piece of history in the making!